He Filled His Socks With Rice And Put It In A Microwave…See This Awesome Result

If a long day in the garden or quality time with the snow shovel has left you with sore, aching muscles, you can fix them simply with rice and a sock. Preferably a clean sock, but any will do really so long as it isn’t holy.

Rice in a socks

To find relief, grab a sock and fill it with uncooked rice. Skip over the Minute Rice, since you might actually use that, and fill your sock with a bag of long grain rice that needs a good 20 minutes or so to cook – you won’t miss that next time you go to plan a meal. When the sock is full, tie the end of it shut to keep the rice where you put it.

He Filled His Socks With Rice And Put It In A Microwave...See This Awesome Result

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Now toss your rice-filled sock in the microwave for a minute and then place the nice warm sock on whatever body part is ailing you. The heat will soothe your muscles as the rice-filled sock conforms to their shape. The best part is, you finally found a use for that bag of rice that’s been sitting in the back of the cupboard all this time.

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