5 Married Couples Share Unexpected Details About Their First Closeness

5 Married Couples Share Unexpected Details About Their First Closeness

The decision about how long to wait before having a first physical contact with a partner is a hugely personal decision with many more options considered normal nowadays than in previous times. While only fifty years ago the norm was considered not to have closeness before marriage, it is slowly but surely changing in the modern day. Studies today often show over a third of women say they often have 3ex within a month after beginning a new relationship, and waiting until marriage is often actively discouraged so couples have a chance to ensure 3exual compatibility before getting married or becoming too serious.

Couples Share Unexpected Details About Their First $ex

With all of these options, it can be overwhelming for couples to choose when to take the leap. However, five couples may help make the decision a little easier. Five couples with different experiences – from one couple that had 3ex the day they met to a couple who waited until their honeymoon – tell about their experiences, what led up to the experience, and their feelings about it afterward.

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