This Is What Happens When You’re In A Coma

This Is What Happens When You’re In A Coma

It’s been used as a plot device in practically every soap opera known to man, but what exactly is a coma? Basically, it’s your brain’s way of putting you into a deep sleep after it has been jostled around or deprived of oxygen. You may be breathing, but you will not be able to wake up or perform voluntary movements.

This Is What Happens When You're In A Coma

Every coma is different, based upon how the person’s brain has been compromised. Some people might be surprised to find out that there’s even a scale to rank different types of coma; it’s called the Glasgow Scale. Someone who’s a 1 on the Glasgow Scale is in a very deep coma, but a patient who’s a 15 is alert and waking up. Studies have even been done to assess how the brain functions when someone is in a coma.

Do you have personal experience with being in a coma, or know anyone who does?

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