You Will Be Amazed By What This Girl Is Doing With Beer

You Will Be Amazed By What This Girl Is Doing With Beer

While some may consider Budweiser to be an inferior beer unfit for consumption, one attractive German woman has come up with a novel use for the substance. The YouTube channel “Tipsy Bartender” features a video where a woman takes a bath in the equivalent of 360 cans of Budweiser brand beer. While an accompanying receipt for the endeavor shows the purchase of several dozen, 30 can packages of booze, what’s more amusing with said receipt is the presence of drain cleaner; the content producers obviously knew that that quantity of alcohol might have an effect on the bathtub and prepared accordingly.

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To those wondering why an individual might bathe in ice-cold beer, beer spas have sprung up throughout Europe. Proponents of these baths claim that the brew opens the pores, extracts toxins, exfoliates, and excites the circulatory system. The yeast in beer possesses B vitamins and saccharides and eradicates pimples.

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