If He Stopped Chasing After You THIS Might Be A Reason

If He Stopped Chasing After You THIS Might Be A Reason


Matthew Hussey, the host of LOVELife, thinks he has some answers to some common questions among women — namely, why do men whom they’re involved with stop “chasing” them at a certain point? Why does this happen, and how can it be dealt with? Matthew’s arguments are essential that we must continually invest into relationships and create “value” — i.e., the reasons the other person is attracted to us and why they would want to stick around. He says that in a healthy relationship, you must not only communicate that you expect this of the other person, but you must effectuate it yourself as well. Only then can a natural rhythm and yearning be created, according to Matthew.

If He Stopped Chasing After You THIS Might Be A Reason

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Furthermore, he argues, if a person stops creating this value, they essentially become dependent on the other person to create it for the vitality of the relationship.

There’s a lot to be said for this bit of wisdom. On the other hand, if one person stops creating the value that they were bringing to a relationship, one has to ask how stable their personality was in the first place. Was the value they were creating being developed solely for the purposes of attracting a relationship? If it was, then this person may not be a good candidate to enter into a partnership with in the first place.

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