Prevent Breast Cancer By Doing This Lymph Drainage Breast Massage Therapy

Prevent Breast Cancer By Doing This Lymph Drainage Breast Massage Therapy

Lymph is responsible for bathing all of the tissues in the body, keeping them healthy and detoxified. Throughout the body, small swellings in the lymphatic system called lymph nodes, filter lymph and produce special immune cells called leukocytes. Lymph drainage breast massage is intended to help keep lymph circulating normally, allowing it to fully cleanse the body.

Lymph Drainage Breast Massage Therapy

The area surrounding the breasts is particularly abundant in lymph nodes. Keeping breast tissue drained of lymph is part of promoting breast health, and is even included in treatments for breast cancer. Both women and men can benefit greatly from a healthy lymphatic system, and that includes keeping lymph flowing and draining normally with massage. It’s recommended that lymphatic drainage massage be performed roughly every three months.

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Lymphatic drainage massage is a gentle, easy way to protect your health. It’s side-effect free and able to be used on everyone regardless of age or health. If you want to improve your immune function, reduce inflammation, and promote breast health, lymphatic drainage breast massage therapy can help you.

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