If Your Joints Hurt When It Rains, This Is The Reason

If Your Joints Hurt When It Rains, This Is The Reason

Many arthritis sufferers report their joints are more stiff and painful when the temperature drops, but this can happen with or without rain. Increasing barometric pressure changes may cause the synovial fluid surrounding the joints to expand, creating discomfort in arthritic joints. The changing pressure affects everyone, but people with healthy cartilage protecting their joints are not sensitive to it.

If Your Joints Hurt When It Rains, This Is The Reason

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Extensive research has still not verified that increasing joint pain is a predictor of rain or changing weather patterns, but arthritis sufferers often state this as a fact. There may be some validity to the viewpoint of doubters believing that people who say their joints are predicting inclement weather are merely repeating familial beliefs.

People who have achy, arthritic joints are able to get relief through prescription and over-the-counter medications. Certain creams help reduce pain by increasing blood flow when applied to the affected area, and simply keeping the area warm can also be helpful.

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