What Quitting Sugar And Alcohol For 30 Days Can Do To Your Body

Well, first thing, you have much more energy. Sugar often gives us highs and lows. In fact, it’s similar to heroin in this way – and in the fact that it can be very addicting. By the time the white substance comes to the table, there’s no nutritional value left and it’s all bad things. Heroin starts as opium, a potentially powerful drug. Then through the process, it becomes heroin.

Sugar And Alcohol For 30 Days Can Do To Your Body

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For another thing, you lose weight when you cut the alcohol and sugar. Sugar is not easily digested by our bodies, and alcohol releases a fat storing hormone when it is consumed. This makes alcohol a time bomb waiting to happen, and when it explodes, the effects are seen as a beer belly – the large belly, side, and back that excessive drinkers can develop if they aren’t careful.

Going back to having more energy, it’ll be easier to wake up in the morning. By filling the body with natural food, it detoxes itself of the bad and can return to normal operating levels. Besides, often times we’re not craving the alcohol or sugar – it’s what the rest of the food provides we want.

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