Fitness Expert Reveals How To Build Muscle As A Beginner

Fitness Expert Reveals How To Build Muscle As A Beginner

Mike Chang is a renowned fitness expert on, and he recently posted an interesting video for beginners. Mike Chang states in the video, that anyone willing to put in the work can build muscle. This includes older men and women as well. Building muscle is not impossible for beginners, but starting a new workout regiment should be well thought-out. The number one thing for someone just starting out in the gym is to stay consistent. recommends working out three times a week and eating high amounts of protein.

Build Muscle

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It’s important to perform essential exercises for each muscle. The barbell bench press is the best exercise for building the chest muscles. Deadlifts are great for building a strong and sturdy back. Squats are the number one training exercise for building glutes, quadriceps, and hamstring muscles. recommends performing these exercises with other isolation movements depending on the muscle being trained.

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