Want to Know the REAL Reason You’re Attracted to Certain People? Read This!

Want to Know the REAL Reason You’re Attracted to Certain People? Read This!

What makes people attracted to each other? Why are the feelings so strong? Why do big, burly, tough-guys suddenly giggle? Why are certain people attracted to each other in the first place? You can blame it all on hormones and a human PRIMAL need.

The Chemistry of Romance

Meeting someone new kicks the dopamine pleasure center into high gear. Like chocolate, the more we get, the more we want. It tastes SO GOOOOD!

Dopamine and our friend, testosterone, brew and simmer until boiling over the pot. With just a glance at each other, hormones start spiking like a polygraph. At least five brain chemicals are in the recipe that controls us.

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Humans are truly ADDICTED to love. We are slaves to the chemistry, in fact. But it’s not really our “fault,” it’s the way a human brain is wired.

According to science, we will ALWAYS use our brains when it comes to love. As relationships mature, the chemicals quit spiking, maybe, but it’s all still tied to the hormones squirming within us.

Chemistry can’t be a bad thing, right? Romantic love can’t be a bad thing. So go for it.

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