This Young Woman Beat The Odds After Being Told She Would Never Speak

This Young Woman Beat The Odds After Being Told She Would Never Speak

What does one do when adversity strikes? They fight back, and that’s just what this young woman did. Born with a rare birth defect called Left Craniosynostosis, Amber Simone underwent radical surgery at only six months of age. Afterwards, her parents were told that only would she need assistance to breathe, but she probably would never be able to speak.

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Flash forward 18 years, and Amber Simone is living proof that it’s possible to beat the odds. This beautiful 19-year-old SUNY student’s poolside video has gone viral with over two million views on Facebook and YouTube.

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Now attending Buffalo State where she’s majoring in music and psychology, Chinn considers her recovery nothing short of miraculous. She is living proof that happy endings don’t only exist on the silver screen.

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