This “Mad Sausage” Speech Will Make You Think Twice About Eating Meat

This “Mad Sausage” Speech Will Make You Think Twice About Eating Meat

Always on the go, we want our food and we want it now. If a demanding, fast-paced and stressed charged lifestyle were a loaded gun aimed at our health, then food would act as the trigger. Furthermore, when we support the fast food industry by purchasing its product, we are also contributing to the misery and death of a fellow creature. Besides having very little nutritional value, fast foods contain high amounts of carbohydrates, sugars, sodium, and unhealthy fats.

Regardless of the health risks, most people insist upon consuming meat while knowing little about the meat’s quality and where it comes from. For a new perspective on fast food meat, you should watch the video “Mad Sausage”.

Animal rights advocates such as the ASPCA, along with investigative news reports, have exposed acts of animal cruelty and horrific living conditions for factory farm animals.

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A healthy alternative to fast food and a deterrent to the ongoing abuse and exploitation of animals is a vegetarian diet. A vegetarian diet not only offers health benefits for humans but also contributes to the well-being of animals and to the environment. For information regarding the pros and cons of a vegetarian diet, click here.

Although convenient for the consumer, the risk and harm that the fast food industry inflicts are not justifiable. Life is about choices and about change. In regards to our food consumption, we need to make better choices while at the same time be open to making changes that will benefit ourselves as well others.

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