Is Love At First Sight a Real Thing? See What These Experts Said

Is Love At First Sight a Real Thing? See What These Experts Said

Our panelists tackle the age-old question: Is “love at first sight real”? or is it the stuff of fantasy and fairy tales? This seemingly simple question leads to many more. Most importantly what exactly is love?

Is Love At First Sight a Real Thing? See What the These Experts Said

In a TIME magazine article, Dr. Helen Fisher argues that romantic “love at first sight” is possible. Dr. Fisher cites a study where dozens of men’s and women’s brains were scanned and mapped. Dr. Fisher argues that “love” travels along a specific neural pathway, hardwired into our ancestors to begin breeding. This initiates the process of falling in love.

To more fully answer the original question, we must ask ourselves, “What is love?” Without sounding trite, I believe that love transcends the neurochemical reactions in our body. It is the irreplaceability of our romantic partner due to the experiences we have shared over a lifetime.

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The naive, pimply, and heart-wrenched teen in me believes in love at first sight. Perhaps, he is on to something. Perhaps, being open to the mere possibility of such love fully opens our hearts and minds to another, allowing us to not be guarded, but open and genuine.

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