With Just 4 tablespoon Of This Mixture You Might Be Able to Fight Cancer!

With Just 4 tablespoon Of This Mixture You Might Be Able to Fight Cancer!

Cancer is the cause of over 1,000,000 deaths in the United States since the beginning of 2014 and is becoming more of a threat with each passing day. The diagnose rate is three times the fatality and is happening in new places where doctors may not have technologies to properly remove them. Recently however, a Russian scientist by the name of Hristo Mermerski has released the formula for a full cancer fighting recipe that focuses on the use of the young green wheat.

Focusing on using the proper vitamins, mineral salts, proteins, bioactive substances, carbohydrates and vegetable fats, the recipe calls for the following ingredients:

    • 15 fresh organic lemons
    • 12 fresh garlic bulbs
    • 1kg organic honey
    • 400g of young green wheat sprouts
    • 400g fresh walnuts

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Naturally, if you have an allergy to walnuts you should not take this remedy. So far this has been the most basic ingredients provided by Dr. Mermerski and no substitutes have been discovered. As far as growing your own young green wheat, the following is a step by step process to get it done

  • Put 400g of wheat in glass jar covered by 2 inches of water
  • Let sit overnight
  • Drain into strainer or colander after about 10-12 hours
  • Wash and drain

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