Here Is Why You Should Drink Up That Pickle Juice

Here Is Why You Should Drink Up That Pickle Juice

Have you ever gotten to the bottom of a jar of kosher dills and wondered what it would taste like if you took a sip of the green juice sloshing around? A lot of people will attest to thinking that the juice has to taste as good as the pickles, so why not? So you tentatively take a sip and find that it most definitely doesn’t taste as good as the cucumber you were just chomping down on.

Drinking Pickle Juice

Pickles are delicious, but the juice straight from the jar is another story. Although it may not be a delicacy when drank directly from the jar, pickle juice can be used in a variety of ways to do your body good.

One Too Many

Remember last night when friends decided it was a fantastic idea to play the alphabet drinking game? Flash forward to the next morning and your throbbing head says otherwise. Alcohol works like a diuretic and can leave you as dried out as the Sahara. Drinking pickle juice can help to restore our sodium back to a normal level.

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So after you were done downing your shots and ceremoniously accepting your loss of the alphabet game, you and your friends also thought it was a good idea to order pizza and extra spicy Indian curry. Well, your stomach is probably reminding you just how wrong you were the day after. Believe it or not, the vinegar in pickle juice can actually help to lessen the painful symptoms of heartburn.

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