To Have a Flawless Skin You Need to Steal these Anti Aging Secrets From Asian Women!

To Have a Flawless Skin You Need to Steal these Anti Aging Secrets From Asian Women!

Get Rid of Toxins
Toxins can build up in your body. When they do, you can look bloated, your skin can look blotchy or break out, and you can look pale. The Chinese believe that you can improve all of these things by getting rid of toxins in your body. Eating one serving a day of bitter melon, burdock, Chinese cucumbers, ginger, lotus root or seaweed, can help to remove these toxins and keep your skin looking and feeling great.

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Use Mint Leaves
Grinding up mint leaves until they form a paste, and then rubbing this paste on imperfections on the face is believed to help rid your skin of these imperfections. Mint paste is said to remove everything from dark spots, acne scars, bags under the eyes, and freckles. Leave the paste on for 15 minutes at a time and repeat the treatment daily until the imperfections begin to lift.

Chinese women are known for their beautiful facial skin. They have few wrinkles and flawless skin. There are many things that contribute to this including their diet, the amount of water they drink and protecting their faces from the sun. In addition to this, they rely on Chinese medicene to keep their skin looking great. Drinking green tea, doing facial exercises, getting rid of toxins in the body and making a paste out of mint leaves to remove imperfections can all leave you with beautiful, flawless skin.

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