Egg Yolk or No Egg Yolk? 7 Reasons Raw Egg Yolk Can Dramatically Improve Your Health!

Remember the scene from Rocky when Sylvester Stallone cracked five raw eggs into a glass and drank them before his pre-dawn boxing training? Well, it turns out he was right about how nutritious and beneficial raw eggs are for your health.

Seven Reasons Why Raw Egg Yolk Will Dramatically Improve Your Health

Although you may not want to drink them plain like Rocky did, you can disguise them in other delicious foods like fruit and vegetable smoothies to get the same incredible, vitamin and protein packed benefits of this superfood.

You may be wondering if eating raw eggs is dangerous due to salmonella contamination. While it’s true that you run a small risk of contracting salmonella from commercial Grade A raw eggs, the risk plummets when you purchase certified organic or pasteurized eggs. Both kinds are readily available at your supermarket.
Here are seven reasons why you should take the plunge and add raw eggs to your daily diet. Your body will thank you.

1. Raw eggs are packed with valuable fat soluble vitamins. 
Egg yolks are filled with fat soluble vitamins including Vitamins A, D, E and K. Vitamin D in particular is only found in animal products, so eggs are an easy, inexpensive way to add enough of it to your diet. They also contain zinc and calcium.

2. Raw eggs are highly digestible.
Raw eggs are easy on the digestive system. They are also easily tolerated by people who have food sensitivities and intestinal health problems.

3. They contain biotin.
Biotin is a vitamin crucial to keeping hair, skin and metabolic systems healthy. One egg provides almost 25 percent of your recommended daily allowance.

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4. They contain necessary cholesterol.
Despite its bad reputation, cholesterol is actually a necessary nutrient. Cholesterol is vital to the production of hormones and brain chemicals. It also aids in the body’s natural production of Vitamin D.

5. Raw eggs are packed with B vitamins.
A lot of people do not get enough B6 and B12 vitamins in their diet. One egg yolk contains 35 percent of the recommended allowance of choline, a B vitamin necessary for liver function.

6. They contain selenium.
Selenium is a nutrient responsible for converting thyroid hormones from an inactive to active state. A healthy thyroid is crucial to your body’s overall function.

7. Raw eggs are high in lecithin. 
Lecithin is a nutrient essential for a healthy brain, liver and skin.

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  • As healthy as raw eggs are for your insides, don’t forget how useful they can be for your outward beauty, too! Separate out the yolks of three eggs and massage them into your hair for 10 minutes for a wonderful conditioner. Rinse thoroughly with tepid water for silky, gorgeous locks.
  • Use the separated whites to make a pore-reducing skin treatment. Soak paper towel strips in the whites and then apply them to the T-zone of your face. Allow to sit for several minutes then remove and rinse with cool water.

As you can see, it’s time to get cracking and start adding raw eggs to your diet. With their dense nutritional value, raw eggs can replace a host of expensive, unnecessary man-made supplements and put you on the road to outstanding health.

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