Mix These Two Ingredients And Enjoy The Incredible Power of the Combination

Mix These Two Ingredients And Enjoy The Incredible Power of the Combination

Wrinkles can be caused by many factors are typically caused by the loss of collagen in the skin, which ends up reducing the softness and spring of the skin causing the face to create lines and wrinkles. Luckily, lemons have antioxidants that help heal damaged skin, and cinnamon has collagen-boosting properties to help improve the appearance of wrinkles by smoothing them out. Mixing the two into a paste and gently massaging them on to the face will allow the lemon juice and cinnamon powder to work their magic.

Lemons are great at removing oil and buildup on the scalp therefore, which adds more shine to your hair. Cinnamon provides the scalp with nourishment and exfoliation. Mixing lemon juice and cinnamon powder to create a paste and then massaging them into the scalp before shampooing creates a healthier scalp and lustrous hair.

Lemon juice is actually very helpful with cleansing the liver, which in turn is our primary organ for cleansing the body of toxins. Cinnamon powder on the other hand has antioxidants that prevent cellular damage, but together lemon juice and cinnamon powder create a powerful detoxification for the body
Lemons and cinnamon have their own natural healing properties separate from one another but combined they make a very powerful team. Together they make one of the most versatile mixes for the body.

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