Good Posture Explained Perfectly By A Cartoon

Good Posture Explained Perfectly By A Cartoon

Have you ever known anyone who balanced books on their head to help perfect their posture? If you have, it turns out they’re not as crazy as they seem. Good posture is as important for your health as eating right and avoiding harmful substances, such as tobacco and alcohol.


Poor posture can actually affect your body in many ways like: digestion issues, difficulty breathing, lack of energy and more. So, if you find yourself hunched over your desk at work guzzling cup after cup of coffee with no significant difference in energy, try adjusting your posture.

Good posture is extremely important for mental and physical health. Proper posture relieves stress off of your spine, certain muscles and ligaments. Not only will good posture make your body feel more comfortable, but a straightened back and squared shoulders will give off a more confident and positive vibe to those around you. Don’t have a Quasimodo posture from “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. Instead, have the Phoebus de Chateaupers aura.


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