7 Serious Health Conditions That Are Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency

7 Serious Medical Conditions That Have Been Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency And The Best Ways To Get Your Daily Dose of “Sunshine Vitamin”

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins needed to stay healthy and active. Known as the “sunshine vitamin”, it is derived from sun exposure and helps to promote strong and healthy bones. Our bodies also need vitamin D help absorb calcium.

There are several factors which can cause someone to become vitamin D deficient including:

Working long hours inside
Using sunblock when outside. This one is tricky because we know should always use it to reduce the risk of skin cancer. Take a look below for clarification.

If someone is vitamin D deficient, they are suspect to many serious medical issues. Children may develop a disorder called rickets, which results in soft bones making them prone to fractures. In addition to this, a deficiency of vitamin D has been associated with:

Colon cancer
Depressive symptoms
Prostate cancer
Breast cancer
Erectile dysfunction
Increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease

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