What a Great Idea! She Put Salt on New Jeans, and Look What Happened!

Do You Prefer the Salt or Freezing Method?
Maybe you knew, maybe you didn’t!

Mixing salt and water in a bowl with your jeans can help set the fabric colors and slow down the fading process. Or, if you would rather, freeze those jeans. Freezing can also help to eliminate odors.

She Put Some Salt On Her New Jeans I Cant Wait To Try This

Wash your jeans in cold water to prevent colors from bleeding.

Adding vinegar to the rinse cycle brightens your whites. For dark colors, add salt.

Who needs an iron? Easily take wrinkles out of your clothes with a hair dryer.

And finally, just adding one half cup of mouthwash will clean your washing machine, and maybe make it smell minty fresh.

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