Leaky Gut Syndrome: What It Looks Like and What To Do About It

Leaky Gut Syndrome: What It Looks Like and What To Do About It

So, what now? Well, outside of seeing a physician and getting a comprehensive stool test, here’s what you can do on your own.

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The 4 R’s

• Remove the bad. Get rid of things that have a negative effect on the GI tract like toxic foods and medications, as well as ones that inflame the system, and rid yourself of any intestinal infection.

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• Replace with good. Get moving with some essential ingredients for digestion and absorption such as hydrochloric acid, bile acids, and digestive enzymes.

• Restore beneficial bacteria to your system to reestablish a healthy balance of bacteria.

• Repair by providing the nutrients necessary to help the gut repair itself. L-glutamine, for example, is an amino acid that helps rejuvenate the lining of the intestinal wall.

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