Simple Tricks To Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

Simple Tricks To Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

People dye their hair at least once every two or three months. Some people dye their hair more frequently because the color fades, and the hair loses its vibrant color. Here are four simple tricks that will make your hair color last longer.

Simple Tricks To Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

1. Condition Your Hair Early

You need to take care of your hair before you dye it. Harsh outside elements can cause the hair to dry out. Moisturizing your hair at least one week before you dye your hair will help keep hair moisturized, healthy, and will help color last much longer.

2. Shampoo Hair the Day Before

It is a good idea to thoroughly shampoo your hair the day before you dye it to remove excess diet and debris build up. You only need to wash your hair once before you dye it because the natural oils in the hair helps the color last longer.

3. Stay As Close to Natural As Possible

Some people decide to dye their hair a color that is far from their natural color. Dying your hair a color that is far from its natural color will cause you to dye your hair more frequently to cover the roots as your hair continues to grow. Choosing a hair color that is far from your natural color makes it more obvious your hair is dyes because the chosen color will not blend as well as a color that is similar to your natural hair color.

4. Avoid Spending Ample Time in the Sun

Soaking up a little sun is beneficial for a few reasons, but it can damage your hair and cause the color to fade, and become dull. If you enjoy being in the sun, choose a hair dye that includes sunscreen. If you prefer to stay away from hair dye that has sunscreen in it, you can wear a hat that covers your entire head.

Here are four simple tricks you can use to keep your hair color bold and vibrant for a long time without worrying about dying it again. Practicing these tricks each time you dye your hair will improve the longevity of the dye.


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