A Look at What Cancer Did To One Couple Through A Husbands Lens

Angelo Merendino was devastated by his wife Jennifer’s breast cancer diagnosis. Just five months prior, they’d been celebrating their wedding with friends and family members in New York’s beautiful Central Park. Merendino chose to deal with his pain by documenting the process of Jennifer’s treatment, her heroic fight, and tragic death.

The images are profoundly deep and loving, obviously taken by someone with whom Jennifer felt comfortable during such intimate, anxiety-ridden times. Her expressions are both touching and sad, the pictures filled with the gravitas of loss.

Angelo and Jennifer’s story portrays the eternal, poignant love of two people who were robbed by cancer. It’s a tale that plays out through many households worldwide, people succumbing to a terrible illness that has no cure. After Jennifer’s untimely demise, Angelo Merendino wanted to do more to help those who were suffering. He set up a foundation to assist with the costs of living for women who are battling breast cancer.

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A Look at What Cancer Did To One Couple Through A Husbands Lens

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