Jennifer Bricker’s Amazing Story- She’s a Champion With NO Legs, but Her Real Life Secret Will Shock You Even More!

The story of Jen Bricker’s life is one for the ages. In fact, it almost seems like Shakespeare was writing about her when he penned the phrase “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.”

Jen Bricker6

Jen Bricker

This incredible woman, born without legs, became obsessed with gymnastics as a child. Amazingly, she would go on to become a champion acrobat and tumbler. Although the odds seemed insurmountable, Jen’s loving adoptive parents provided the springboard she needed to conquer the world of gymnastics.

Jen Bricker 1

Jen Bricker 2

As she continued to accumulate awards and claim her place in the spotlight, Jen couldn’t stop wondering about the biological parents who had surrendered her due to her condition. Jen’s adoptive mother’s shocking revelation would raise as many questions as it answered, but also confirm something that a part of her always had known.

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