10 Signs Your Man Is Marriage Material

10 Signs Your Man Is Marriage Material

4 – He’s passionate and enjoys similar things as you– Remember that time you stayed up until four in the morning playing Spite and Malice, then had to go to work early the next day but it was totally worth it? Or when you both took time off work to go hiking in the national park? Having things in common is what is going to keep you happy together, having separate interests is what’s going to keep it interesting.

5 – He fights fair– Is he mature and able to communicate what he wants? Think about past conversations you’ve had, especially the fights. Does he play fair or does he do a lot of name calling and fit throwing, or does he simply disappear until he’s ready to work things through? How you communicate, especially arguments, has a lot of clues about your future together. Marriage only works if both partners argue cohesively and communicate well to one another. If he fights immaturely, it’s not a good time to marry. That isn’t to say that one day he won’t be, but right now he definitely isn’t.

6 – He brags about you– He talks you up to his friends, family, colleagues, whatever because he thinks you’re fantastic and talented and beautiful and everyone should know about it.

7 – He does that thing that you like… in bed– You know what I’m talking about. You casually mentioned one time that you liked that, and he became an expert at it? That’s because he wants you to have as much fun as he is – and he’s having a great time.

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