Honey Lemon Homemade Face Treatment

Honey Lemon Homemade Face Treatment

Squeeze a half of a Lemon (raw) preferably organic into a bowl along with two Tablespoons of natural Honey also raw and organic, mix with a spoon until it becomes a Liquid consistency.

honey lemon homemade skin mask

Apply all over a clean face avoiding the eye area!

This Mask has many benefits; Honey and Lemons are considered super-foods for your skin.

Honey, has so many benefits it helps to lock in the skins moister and promote new tissue growth. Also,  has Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory powers.

Lemons, Brightens your skins tone and corrects dark spots, Tightens and Exfoliates your skin. It’s also great for treating Acne and it is a natural source of Vitamin C which does wonders for your skin.

Leave the Mask on for 15-20 minutes and wash with cold water, this amazing Mask will leave your skin feeling Brighter, Hydrated and amazingly softer than before! Don’t forget to Use your Moisturizer after using this Mask for a glowing finish. Cut two cucumber pieces and cover your eyes for  relaxation and also to reduce puffiness and dark circles!

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