10 Foods That Cause Weight Gain

Fried foods have become a part of life, but studies reveal eating fried foods daily at home can add up to 0.36 pounds every four years and eating them at restaurants can add 0.28 pounds every four years.

6. Potatoes

Studies show all types of potato dishes contribute to weight gain, every form; boiled, smashed, baked, are equally bad. Eating potatoes daily can add 1.28 pounds every four years. Try adding another vegetable, like cauliflower, when making mashed potatoes to increase vegetables and decrease starch.

7. Starchy vegetables

Although they contain vitamins and fiber, you should limit eating them if you want to remain slim. Starchy foods like corn and potatoes raise blood sugar and have a lot of calories. Starch is good for you in moderation.


8. Cereals

Eliminate cereals from your breakfast if you want to keep extra pounds off. Starting your day with a big bowl of frosted flakes is a bad idea as these foods are high in calories and sugar. Mixing them with milk and some dried fruits makes it worse.

9. Processed meat

If you are eating processed meat often you are at high risk for weight gain. Studies show eating too much red meat can result in 0.95 pound weight gain over a period of four years.

10. Gluten-free foods

If you think gluten-free foods are healthier, you are mistaken. They often have a lot of calories and are full of sugar and fat. One study shows those who eat gluten-free products are more likely to gain weight than those who don’t.

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