6 Fun Steps to Live Longer

There is one thing you can do that will help you in the life quest more than anything, it’s to enjoy life, it’s a present, you do have the choice to enjoy every minute of it, and accept everything it gives you as a teaching.
Here are some suggestions that may help you:

• Laughter is good for you it’s official. Numerous studies have shown that the more you laugh the better you are likely to feel and the longer you will live. Nobody is quite sure why this is the case, although there is evidence that laughter releases positive hormones and endorphins in the brain and body, so that the reason for the resulting change in mood is primarily chemical. Do whatever makes you laugh and it will benefit you.

• Drink red wine, it is packed with resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant. This works to protects your body against the effects of aging. One or two glasses of red wine a day can help keep your body feeling young.

Have Fun, Live Long

• Eat dark chocolate, it is made from cocoa and contains a large amount of antioxidants that protect your body from aging too. Eating chocolate may lower your blood pressure and cholesterol while providing an energy boost.

• Relax; always go in the opposite direction of stress. While stress brings harmful health effects, relaxation helps our bodies to rest, heal, and function better.

• Turn exercise into play, physical games and sports are great way to keep both your body and mind healthy. Simple exercise routines are excellent for maintaining balance, flexibility, endurance, and strength.

• Finally, get a good sleep; it is an essential body function. The health benefits of sleep include more energy, better immune functions and many more.

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