Miranda Kerr’s Super Model Ballet Workout

Miranda Kerr, one of the famous faces of Victoria’s Secret’s runway, shares her secrets to a perfectly toned body. Her secret is simple, the secret is the ballet barre. Her ballet workout has sculpted her shapely shoulders and tight tush.

Miranda Kerr's Super Model Ballet Workout

Follow the next video of Miranda’s favorite exercises from the personal trainer and founder of Ballet Bodies, Andie Hecker. Its time for you to bring out your inner ballerina and let her guide you into deep abs, you don’t need any dance experience to work these moves, but you do require enthusiasm and willpower.
This workout routine consists of Pilates fused with ballet techniques, a fat-blasting combo that burns 300-500 calories per workout, it utilizes true ballet fundamentals placed atop Pilates, traditional personal training and various cardiovascular activities such as jumping and kicking.


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