10 Subtle Signs of Bipolar Disorder

8- Erratic behavior
When they are in a manic phase, people with bipolar disorder can have an inflated self-esteem.
Two of the most common types of behavior that can result from this are spending sprees and unusual $e*[email protected] behavior.

9- Sleep problems
Those who suffer from bipolar disorder experience both manic and depressive moods. During the manic stage, it can be difficult to sleep. However, the person may still be alert without sleeping consistently. During a depressive state, they are prone to sleep for most of the day.

Although it can be challenging to live with someone who is bipolar, it’s important to communicate your needs to ensure that you have limits in the home. This will allow you to maintain a healthier relationship due to boundaries that are established with their inconsistent schedule that can conflict with your own.

10- Flight of ideas
Bipolar disorder causes both children and adults to experience racing thoughts with a mental state that doesn’t seem to slow down. This can cause pressured speech due to the inability to process the thoughts fast enough before speaking. Remind the individual to slow down, organize their thoughts, and even write down what they want to communicate.

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