6 Homemade Face Masks to Remove Dead Cells And Look Younger

HomemadeĀ face masksĀ are used to clean the skin naturally and they have long been part of beauty regimens, you may already know about how toxic for your skin a chemical treatment can be, thatā€™s why there are many natural options with various ingredients for every type of skin. So here we give you 6 homemade face mask to remove dead cells and look younger.

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ClayĀ face maskĀ 
Clay is an excellent absorbing agent; it helps in removing the sebum, dead skin and dirt so that your skin looks clean, soft and youthful.
Peel offĀ homemadeĀ face mask
Gel based mask that removesĀ dead cells from the top layer of the skin, leaving behind fresh andĀ youthful skin. Peel off masks brighten up a dull complexion, you can use oatmeal, which is rich inĀ vitamin BĀ and E
MoisturizingĀ homemadeĀ face maskĀ for normal skin
Mash half avocado, pear, and add one teaspoon ofĀ sunflower oil. Apply and leave on for ten minutes then wash it off with warm water.
Anti-agingĀ homemadeĀ face maskĀ for wrinkled skin
Take two tablespoons of oatmeal with aĀ half cupĀ of milk and cook gently until it becomes soft, stir with two teaspoons ofĀ olive oil. Let it cool, apply it to face and leave it for twenty to twenty five minutes and wash off with warm water.
Oily skinĀ homemadeĀ face mask
Beat one egg white until it becomes thick and mix one teaspoon of honey, then add one teaspoon of lemon juice and apply gently to face and leave it for ten minutes and wash it off with warm water.
Dry skinĀ homemadeĀ face maskĀ 
Beat one egg white until it becomes thick and add one teaspoon of honey andĀ sunflowerĀ oil, apply to face, leave for twenty minutes and wash off with warm water.

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