Vegan BLT

How about a tasty sandwich for lunch? The best part? 100% vegan and 100% delicious! Every time you eat you are nourishing your body and soul, and they deserve nothing but the best! Here is a recipe you won’t want to miss. Enjoy your own Vegan BLT.

vegan BLT

All you need is:

• 2 slices wheat bread
• 3 slices vegan bacon
• 1 tomato
• Salad leaves or Spinach (or both)
• Vegan margarine
• Vegan mayonnaise or any other dressing, it goes amazing with pesto
• Vegetable Oil

Vegan BLT

Spread the bread with the vegan margarine and mayonnaise, meanwhile heat a little oil in a frying pan and fry the vegan ‘bacon’, so far you are almost ready! Arrange the bacon when ready on bread with the tomato and lettuce, you can use any veggie you want, like mushrooms or artichokes. Serve and enjoy!

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