What Your Birth Date Can Tell About Your Life Expectancy

What Your Birth Date Can Tell About Your Life Expectancy

Apparently your birth date can tell a bit more about you than your horoscope, it can also help determine your life expectancy, according to a study from the Journal of Aging Research and scientists at the university’s hospital in northeastern Germany,  longevity, or living to be 100 or older, depends a lot on the month you were born.


They found that women born in November lived an average 7.3 months longer than those born in May, while men lived 11.7 months longer, so those born from September to early December have a higher likelihood of making it to the century mark, while those born in spring months have decreased chances of making it to 100 years.


Of course we cannot ignore other influences such as sun intensity, nutrition during pregnancy, air pollution, levels of physical activity, or infectious diseases at different times of the year.
Smaller studies show that factors such as adult arterial blood pressure and other cardiovascular issues are related to an individuals birth month, but there is no concrete information yet, Greifswald researchers wanted to find out if this directly affected mortality too.


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