How To Make A Good Cup Of Tea

[Last Updated: December 10th 2013]

By Nima Shei MD

How to Make a Good Cup of Tea-

This has been the most helpful guide to make a good tea. It’s important to brew each tea in a specific temperature to release the most antioxidants and other beneficial agents out of it. If you see differences in different guides, it’s because each package of bulk tea or tea bag comes from a different region and depending on the source of the tea, it might have different brewing time. So it’s always good to check the packages for more info. I personally prefer brewing loose leaf tea in a teapot or even in a mug rather than putting  a teabag in hot water. Getting a good tea is always a good investment for your health. Enjoy!


tea bag time

Here is another useful guide to make the best out of your tea:


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