What Happens to Food After You Eat It?

What Happens to Food After You Eat It?

Different foods have different effects on your body, it’s good to know what happens during the digestive process. It will really make a difference in how you make your food choices! I love this poster, I want to hang it in my kitchen!

what happens to food after you eat it

Let’s watch this interesting video that summarizes the digestion process in a nice visual way:

The food digestion process is made up of a very complex system that provides the required fuel and energy for your body. Your body cannot use food as is until it is broken down into very tiny molecules such as amino acids, vitamins, carbohydrates, and fats. After this breakdown you body can absorb these molecules and further process them through different organs such as the liver. The digestion process starts when you chew food. To see how digestion works and what happens to food after you eat it, check out this article: How Digestion Works: What happens to food after you eat it?

[Last Updated on June 10th 2014]

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