All About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Your doctor has recommended that you undergo hand surgery to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. But what exactly is carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that interferes with the use of the hand. It is caused when pressure is put on the median nerve that runs through an opening in the wrist. This opening – called the carpal tunnel is formed by arch-shaped wrist bones and a connecting ligament. The median nerve carries sensation to the thumb and first three fingers.

Various conditions, such as pregnancy, injury, arthritis and changes in the tendons caused by repetitive motion can crowd the already narrow tunnel, putting pressure on the nerve.

This added pressure can cause the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, such as the tingling sensation in the fingers and the thumb, numbness, pain and restricted movement.

To eliminate the pain there are some exercises there might help. In this poster you can see some of these exercises. Sometimes it’s too late and surgery is the only option.

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