JumpStart Your Workout

A new study in the UK found that drinking a caffeinated beverage an hour before exercising can give more enthusiasm and more endurance for your workout with the caffeine group doing 38% more repetitions than their non-caffeinated counterparts.

How much caffeine? The study says 10-15 mg per 10 pounds, so one cup of coffee for a 130 pound person.

How does it work? The chemical adenosine is inhibited by caffeine, adenosine kicks in with exercise and limits muscle work.

More tips: Listen to upbeat energetic music, it really does  get you going – Find a workout buddy, having someone counting on you to exercise them reduces your chances of skipping a day – Schedule yourself exercise time, when you write it down it feels like more of a commitment of something you need to get done, it’s time for yourself and your body, and we all need that.

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