Who Says You Can’t?

By Sanjana Umarale
Hardship, adversity, and challenge — every one of us is familiar with the three to varying degrees. Whether we’ve suffered loss, failure, or injury, we continue to pick ourselves back up to greet the new day. Life comes with its series of difficulties, and our ability to handle them is a true testament to our character.

Take Hugh Herr, for example, once a rising rock-climbing champion. In the video below, you will see how after a potentially career destroying accident, Hugh still manages to threaten his competition with the aid of his own technology. Today, he helps thousands all over the world with an innovative line of prosthetics that have the power to change lives forever. Despite his doctor’s assertion that he would never climb again, Hugh continues to follow his passion for rock-climbing. He shows us that no matter what adversity life may pose, if we have the will to overcome the challenge, nothing stands in our way. Stories like Hugh’s encourage us to never give up. Enjoy the video —it’s truly inspirational!


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