How might tea help prevent cancer?

Depending on the type of tea and its processing and preparation technics, different teas have different health benefits. The predominant polyphenols in green tea and the theaflavins and thearubigins in black teas have strong antioxidant activity that may protect cells against cancer and prevent tumor growth and tumor invasion.

In some laboratory and animal studies, it’s been shown that tea leaves can fight against cancer by slowing tumor growth and tumor invasion. More interestingly, these antioxidants can protect us against harmful radiations, such as UVs. But according to National Institute of Health, although many studies have confirmed the potential health benefits of tea in fight against cancer, there’s not enough data to prove tea is also a cancer fighter in humans.

The reason for variations in protecting benefits of tea may depend on different lifestyles of tea consumers, as well as variations in the type of tea they consume and their preparation technics.

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