Alzheimer’s Disease: Warning Signs, Symptoms, Causes

Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative disease causing memory loss, mood swings and eventually proves fatal. Those who have a senior in the family should always look for the Alzheimers disease warning signs. While it has been seen in people as young as 33, most people affected by Alzheimer’s are over 80-years-old. Progress has been made in recent years to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease; however there is still no way to cure it.

Alzheimer’s disease warning signs:

• Difficulty completing “activities of daily living”
• Problems with getting around the house and frequent falls
• Isolation and staying alone
• Poor nutrition, specifically weight loss or gain and/or nutritional deficiency.
• Personal loss — the death of a spouse or close friend.
• Someone who has trouble recovering from an injury or illness
• A disheveled appearance can indicate issues with personal hygiene
• Forgetting to pay bills or take medications.

In this video, you’ll learn more about the causes and symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s, as well as how the disease is diagnosed.

Edited by: Jessa (Feb. 28, 2019)

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