13 Medical Cupcakes We All Should Try!

13 Medical Cupcakes We All Should Try!

Cupcakes are yummy, and sometimes like a blank canvas for creative bakers. Now it’s time for some clinic-inspired cupcakes! These medical cupcakes will make you like medicine even more! I suggest all doctors, health centers and hospitals serve these cupcakes to their customers. I know the problems is the sugar, but maybe they can come with a solution and avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners. Then they can bake these cupcakes with honey or a natural sweetener; just saying 🙂

These 12 chocolate flavored anatomically illustrated cupcakes are made by Tattoo Cakes:

anatomy cupcakes

brain cupcakes

clicnical cupcakes 2

clinic cupcakes



These doctors, nurses and hospital-themed vanilla medical cupcakes are from Sweetest Sensation bakery in the UK.

hospital cupcakes

Medical Cupcakes

Medical Cupcakes 4

Medical School Cupcakes

Medical School Graduate Cupcakes

microbiology cupcakes

prescription cupcakes

13 Medical Cupcakes We All Should Try!
[Last Updated on June 10th 2014]