Use This Trick to Eliminate Negative Energies in Your House

Have you ever walked into a place and immediately gotten the sense that something was somehow “off”? Call it intuition or bad vibes, but it all means the same thing- you were picking up on negative energy. Over time, homes can develop that same unpleasant, “off” feeling, which may contribute to stress, sickness, and worse. The good news is, it’s very easy to eliminate negative energies and restore your home’s comfort level.


To fix the energy in your home, you’ll need: a clear drinking glass or jar, water, salt, and white vinegar. Simply add some clean water to the glass (don’t fill it to the top!), then salt, then vinegar. Set the mixture in a room where it won’t be seen, preferably one where you receive visitors.

After a few hours, observe the mixture. Has the water level dropped or risen? Does the water appear cloudy? After a full day has passed, see how the energy of the room feels to you. The negative energies should have lifted. If not, empty the glass, clean it thoroughly, and repeat the procedure with a fresh mixture.

All of the ingredients used here have a long history of use in both physical cleaning and spiritual cleansing. In many Eastern traditions, salt is used to repel negative energies. In some neopagan traditions, leaving a dish of white vinegar out overnight is said to drive out negativity. Both salt and vinegar release negative ions into their immediate area, which help freshen and purify the air.

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