If You Have These Lines on Your Wrist – You’re Very Special!

Palmistry, popularly known as hand reading, is an ancient form of art tracing back to India several thousand years ago. It was first documented in the I Ching, a Chinese book and is believed to have developed from Hindu astrology. Hand reading rapidly spread throughout Europe and Asia, catching the interest of Aristotle, who then passed on the knowledge to Alexander the Great. As emperor, Alexander the great regularly used palmistry to judge the characters of his officers.


Today, many people view the practice of hand reading as pseudo-science, quickly dismissing it as superstitious beliefs. However, palmistry has endured eons. Many people remain skeptical is because they do not truly understand hand reading, knowing only what they’ve seen in the media. Unfortunately, through books, films, and TV shows touching on it, the media has wrongly portrayed palmistry.

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This article focuses on bracelet lines, also known as rascette lines. They are the horizontal lines located on the underside of your wrists, at the junction separating your arm from the hand.

The lines on your wrist can provide a lot of information regarding your future, character, personality, and health. According to metaphysics, the number of bracelet lines represents the longevity of human life. The more rascette lines you have, the longer you are expected to live. Additionally, the first bracelet line provides more information and is more important than the rest.

The first line: Indicates the health status and activeness of your body. An unbroken, clear, and deeply defined bracelet line directly indicates a happy, healthy, and long life. You must, however, change your lifestyle if the first rascette line is unclear, broken, or not deeply defined. You should keep your mind relaxed and consume nutritious foods. A lot of cracks in your first bracelet line indicate you have faced many problems trying to fulfill your dreams.

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