What Does Female Blue Balls Feel Like?

When you hear the term blue balls, you think it only applies to men. Blue balls usually refer to an extremely uncomfortable condition that is experienced by men when they are extremely aroused as blood is pumped to the lower region of the body, causing a build up of pressure. Believe it or not, women can experience their own version of blue balls as well.


Understanding Blue Balls for Women
When it comes to blue balls for women, it’s a similar situation for what happens to men. When a woman becomes aroused in a moment of intense passion, blood flows to the lower region of her body. The area most affected is the area that gives a woman the most amount of pleasure during lovemaking. As the blood pumps to this part of the body, everything begins to swell. The pressure starts to build. If a woman doesn’t experience some type of release, it can lead to major discomfort in her private parts.

What Does Blue Balls Feel Like?
Blue balls is equally frustrating for women. What used to be considered a problem that was unique to men is happening for the other half. The bottom line is blue balls is not pleasant. You might feel a throbbing down below that pushes you over the edge. A cramping or tightness can make you really start to squirm or there can be a pulsing as the blood rushes to this pivotal part of your body.

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