4 Acupuncture Pressure Points to Alleviate Hiccups Immediately

3. Abdomen Point

Find your belly button and your pubic bone. In this middle of these two spots, there is a pressure point that can be pushed to relieve hiccups. It is located in the center of this line. This is also where you may push for the Heimlich Maneuver. Press this spot in for about 20-30 seconds while lying flat on your back for optimal effect.

4. Hand Point

Make a fist to reveal two vessels located on the inner forearm. There is a dent in the skin that is located closer to the wrist. The pressure point is located between these two vessels, which is about 3 fingers in length towards the elbow. Hold this point for about 30 seconds. This pressure point is also used to relieve nausea, so if you have accompanying nausea, this is a great point to start.

Pressing on pressure points can change the GI flow in the body to help reduce hiccups. Enough force should be applied to these areas to create a slight numb feeling or a feeling of warmth. If the first round of pressure point therapy is not effective, try again in about one minute.

Long-term hiccups, or hiccups lasting over one hour, may be an indication of a more serious medical problem which should be treated by a doctor. Pressure point self-care is useful for everyday hiccups that are common and should be considered a temporary measure, not a replacement for a doctor’s intervention, if needed.


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