A Turkish Recipe That Reduces Even The Deepest Wrinkles

Is it possible to look younger without undergoing surgery? It just might be. In China, many believe that wrinkles are caused by stagnant energy in the body. Acupressure on the face is thought to improve cellular metabolism, improve blood circulation, and naturally tone facial skin. Improved circulation can reduce acne pimples and soften wrinkles. Because your facial muscles relax after tissue massage, even your deepest furrows and wrinkles may fade! Skin responds very well to acupressure, so you may see results more quickly than with some creams, and since there are no surgical procedures involved, you won’t need any recovery time.




The following video will show you how to properly press specific acupressure points on the face and how to massage these points for improved blood circulation. Each exercise outlined in the video comes with east to follow step-by-step directions, and the soothing music will help to relax you as you follow along. Even deep laugh lines may be softened using these techniques! The video recommends performing each exercise for a minute a day, though it won’t hurt to perform them longer if you’d wish. You’ll know it’s working when it starts to tingle, and you may see results in as soon as one week!


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