How To Make Hard Water Deposits Disappear Without Chemicals


Hard water deposits are caused by water that has a high mineral content. When hard water flows over a surface, over time a crusty deposit will form. Here’s a natural, easy solution to hard water deposits. This works on both metal and porcelain.

How To Make Hard Water Deposits Disappear Without Chemicals

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1. Get a rag or cloth completely wet with distilled white vinegar. This vinegar can be a very cheap, generic one; the only thing that matters is that the acidity is no higher than 5%, or else you may damage the surface you’re cleaning.
2. Lay the rag over the hard water deposit, press it to make sure it’s in contact with every part of the surface, and let it sit for an hour.
3. Remove the rag and gently scrub away the mineral deposit with a damp sponge.
4. Repeat if necessary.

After these easy steps, your surfaces should be shining like new!


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