What Type Of Men Women Want According To Science

What Type Of Men Women Want According To Science

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Likely since the very beginnings of mankind, men and women have been trying to figure each other out. During periods of gender-biased miscommunication, many a man has cried out in frustration, “What do women actually want?!” Beyond the innate differences in communication styles, though, men have long yearned to know what makes a man most attractive to a woman’s eyes and vice versa. Do women like bearded men? Tall men? Funny men?

Several scientific studies have been taking these questions very seriously, and both men and women may find some of the answers they’re looking for by perusing the results. That said, some of the data is surprising and not particularly helpful in solving complex man/woman dilemmas. Then again, it might also give you some insight as to why you always fall for a certain type, or why your marriage is likely to last. The data is scientific, but remember to take it with a grain of salt!


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