Here’s How Getting A Tattoo Works In Slow Motion

Here’s How Getting A Tattoo Works In Slow Motion

If you’ve ever wondered what tattooing looks like up very close, here’s your chance! A tattoo machine is not simply a single needle that injects ink under the skin. The end point is comprised of multiple fine needles that work in a similar manner to a paint brush when applying the different ink colors under the skin’s surface. Each needle makes tiny punctures and drags the ink downward into the dermis.

Using our macro lens, we’ll show what the process of tattooing looks like at a magnified 3,200 frames per second. The repeated fine needle punctures at a high rate of speed are the reason getting tattooed is so painful. We’ll also show you the difference between the action of a line needle versus a shading needle that tattoo artists use for various designs. It is possible to get addicted to the rush of getting tattooed, as we’ll show you on “Smarter Every Day.”

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